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18-22 一月 2019 / France, Paris




Maison&Objet January

After Sparkle and Segment, Brokis' Puro Is Now Eclectic
Bernhardt & Vella + Ex.t: The Art Deco Bathroom
Shapes and Materials that Recreate Epochs
Geometrie Volanti: Volume and Color
The Flexible and Transformable Bed by Dotandcross®
Lladró porcelain at Maison&Objet
Re-Imagining Everyday Objects: Zens x nendo
Leblon Delienne + Kelly Hoppen
A Star is Born: 'Filigree Rays to Animate your Wine'
The Architectural Game of Teak Reps
Deirdre Dyson: Carpets that Take Flight
SCAB Design at Maison&Objet
Table Combos: Materials and Structure
New Inspirations for Wall&Decò
A Game of Light and Shadows
Stripes: Marvy Tiles!
Window Fabrics by Sunbrella®
The Winds of Change: Old Sails with New Lights
Summer Hues and an Edgy Feel
Seraphic Flights of Nature
Smells Like Classical Mythology
Vibrating Surfaces in Marble and Glass
Herbs, Flowers, Shells and Coral. Officina Naturalis at Maison&Objet
Florim at Maison&Objet
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