Create your own Virtual Showroom

Create your own Virtual Showroom

? "Virtual Showroom" is an Archiproducts service to represent your store, your agency, your installations company on the web.

It is simple: register yourself, create your profile, enter information, contact details, and photos of your shop, and connect with the brands you resell.

On your Virtual Showroom, users can search and browse the catalogues and product sheets of the products you sell, always synchronized and updated with the manufacturers' catalogues.

On manufacturers' catalogues, you will appear as dealer, agent or official installer in your local area. You may be contacted by users who are looking for a product or a specific brand, in your area.
Archiproducts Virtual Showroom is the essential complement to your store: it is your "virtual store", open to everyone, always visible and up-to-date!

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