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A wellness centre can’t be considered complete without the right equipment to carry out beauty treatments. Spa equipment is diverse and it is important to evaluate specific functional, space and aesthetic needs to choose one in each room. Among the most important items there are: spa beds which are necessary after saunas, Turkish baths and hydro-massage sessions to enhance the treatments bringing body temperature back to normal and normalize blood pressure. You can choose fixed beds for relaxation rooms or beds for aesthetic treatment rooms. The massage beds are indispensable in a proper wellness centre, for sure. The most innovative models come with an audio system to let you listen to music during the treatments and with RGB led lamps that have a chromotherapy effect. If your centre has pedicure or manicure facilities it’s important to equip them with quality spa chairs that come with massage systems and built-in foot basins. If you don’t have space for a prefab hammam, a good Turkish bath steam generator will transform a normal shower into a Turkish bath. It’s a pretty useful solution in case of small spas or in prestigious hotel rooms. And then, if you don’t have an ice cave, you can install an ice fountain, also called ice fall, an ice gathering basin that you use to cool down after a vapor bath. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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