The strength of a mosaic lays in the chromatic composition and the lively effects that are likely to be produced by mingling together diverse tiles. In finishing works, the combination of mirrored, glass, ceramics smaller and bigger tiles allows to wash floors and walls with fascinating shades and light effects. The array of materials and colors available is so vast that every space in the house can be enlivened with unique compositions of this kind. Decorating with mosaics allows to give life to a more sophisticated ambiance, different from the ordinary. Modern houses count exactly on mosaics to achieve that level of uniqueness that will distinguish them from the rest. Even here the possibilities are countless and it’s easy to get lost. First of all because mosaic tiles exist in various shapes. Among the most favorite there are square, rectangular and round tiles.

The newest trends in mosaics: from color to material

Mosaic tiles are primarily used in coverings for ornamental purposes: a glass mosaic is among the most favorite choices as for the bathroom, together with stoneware tiles. Indeed, stoneware is obtained through particular blends of low-porous clays that make it especially resistant to liquids and more resistant to impacts when compared to other kinds of clays and blends. Mosaic tiles are the highest on demand. Be it ceramic tiles or tiles made of multi-materials combinations (integrating for instance natural stones, wood extracts, glass or metal), mosaic compositions enrich a space remarkably. A ceramic mosaic, for instance, is suitable to decorate whatever surface for whatever volumes. Ceramic mosaics are a classic. As a matter of fact, thanks to its properties ceramic has always been deemed the most practical choice. Mosaic tiles can also create colors effects that are perfectly adaptable to the outdoor. As a result, it is common to choose mosaics for swimming pools and spas to adorn floors and surfaces. The itty-bitty square mosaic tiles can bring about interesting contrasts amid different materials and patterns, achieved by laying together tiles of a different nature.

Mosaic solutions for indoor and outdoor

Choosing the right shape merely pertains to the desired visual impact one wants to get, and the same goes for materials and colors. A colorful glass mosaic is one of the most appreciated options, especially for those researching eye-catching light effects. A mosaic made of natural stone is an interesting choice, particularly fit for outdoor spaces. It is not necessary to cover the surface as a whole, but it is instead possible to pick a portion of a specific area. ... More ... less


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