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Indoor benches

”A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.” (Napoleon Bonaparte)
Even if they’re usually placed outdoors, benches are now used indoors and in contract furniture supplies. At first sight they look uncomfortable and not flexible. They are really versatile instead. They are used as a hallway piece of furniture especially if they come with bag and shoe racks. They add style and functionality to the bedroom where you put clothes, pillows and linen. They are perfect in the dining room, next to the table: they’ll let you accommodate your guests on a single furniture item.

How to choose the ideal bench? First of all think about its primary function: is it going to be a seat or a supporting surface? If you need a seat then the bench’s size is what has to guide you. A 45 cm height makes the bench matchable to a dining table while a 50 cm width is the ideal area for each seat. If you want to useit as a supporting unit, think about functionality. Shelves and storage are essential accessories especially in benches for kids’ rooms. If you want to decorate the room then you can unleash your creativity! An upholstered bench is ideal in living rooms or at the foot of your king size bend. A sectional bench will let you adapt it to the size of the rest of the furniture and to the room.

Carefully choose the materials for your bench. Wood benches are really resistant and they blend with the rest of your furniture or they can pop up as elegant furniture complements. Leather benches are more comfortable and thanks to the vast availability of colors, they fit into whichever idea of décor.

Let’s also look at designers’ benches. Designed in 1945 by Finnish architech Alvar Aalto, the 153 Bench is available in two versions (single or double seat). It’s a curved legged bench made of multilayered birch wood with linear looks and insertable in whichever room. Just like the Nelson Bench, introduced in 1946 by George Nelson. The everlasting simplicity of the design combined with the functionality of a wooden slated top with natural finishing and lacquered ash wood legs. Search on Archiproducts your favorite bench! ... More ... less


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