Garden armchairs

”To sit in a garden is a dream, the dream of calm and rest after a day of work, a year of work, after working your entire life.”(Gabriele Tergit)
A comfortable armchair in the calm of a garden is what you need after a hard day at work. Garden armchairs are an important part of your outdoor area whether you have a garden, patio or terrace. They must match the sofa and they complete with taste and elegance the relax area in your garden in many shapes. Enveloping large armchairs to relax, smaller and practical ones to be used next to the garden table.
What do you need to consider when buying one? First, the space you have available. The market offers many solutions: you can put two armchairs on the sides of a sofa or buy more than two if you want to make a relax area with a table. If you have a lot of space available you can opt for the beautiful corner compositions with combinable sofas and armchairs to create a secluded relax area but open to many. If you’re looking for comfort, upholstered garden armchairs are what you need. They come with upholstered cushions on the seatback which are often removable. These armchairs are really confortable and let you rest and relax for a long time. Choose some garden armchairs with removable covers to make the fabric covers last longer. The fabric with which the cushions are made must be washable at 30°C and they must be able to resist whatever weather condition. Choose some garden armchairs with armrests to let your arms rest or to lay temporarily the bath towel after your dip in the swimming pool. You want to recall past memories of rocking cradles and swings? Choose a rocking garden armchair: a deep welcoming seat and the rocking movement will gently let you drift off to your afternoon nap.

Materials and styles always have to match in your outdoor relaxing area. Wooden garden armchairs made of teak, iroko or mahogany are among the most common ones thanks to wood’s strain resistance together with its natural beauty. Rattan, wicker and other vegetal fibers are the classic material for outdoor living area sets because of the beauty of the twine and the natural colors that match whatever furniture style. Modern intertwined resins that recall rattan’s beauty, are nowadays the most common alternative to wood thanks to their durability and their resistance to weather and UV rays. Plastic garden armchairs in molded polyethilene or fiberglass reinforced polypropilene are a benchmark for all the designers keen on daring shapes. Metal garden armchairs in aluminium or stainless steel are suited for contemporary young spaces.

Any idea for the style? For a classic living area put together some classic style garden armchairs like a colonial style armchair or a bergere Vienna straw armchair and an oval coffee table, squared pale cushions. For modern looks, choose some technical fabric, upholstered leather or faux leather total white contemporary style garden armchairs and match them with lamps. What about garden armchairs with lights in opalescent polyethilene that switch on at sunset? ... More ... less


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