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The modern furniture for public structures and shops has to take into account several needs, not only pertaining to aesthetics. The option of a design furniture is a warranty of robustness and functional planning. A furniture planning that is considerable of the law in force and of the clients’ needs maximizes the efficiency of a modern furniture and allows to customize an environment at full. The latest trends in street furniture have led citizens to regain ownership on streets and public spaces. Benches serving as tables, bike racks to be also used as access points for the laptop. Furnishing public spaces is not just a decor-related choice, but is also studied to guarantee access to all.

Customize the space with hotel, bars and restaurants furnishing

Tables, waiting room sofas, bedsides tables, bed bases and washbasins; furnishing hotel areas is a process to be carried out with care and extreme eye for details. A modern furniture style is certainly the most striking choice for bars and restaurants. The primary thing to do in order to best choose the bar and restaurant furniture is to distinguish each space according to its function, starting from the idea that the customers waiting area needs to be furnished differently from the tables and sits destined to the consumption of food and drinks. Bar footstools and some wall-fixed shelves are an ideal solution to retrieve space and set up tiny cocktail corners.

Not only counters for shops furnishing

Shelves and shops furnishings are of utmost importance to best display goods and guide customers while shopping. Appearance is clearly the first factor to take into account. In this sense, the design furniture has to highlight the goods exhibition in the best way, even with surprising solutions but without prevailing. Secondly, the furniture accessories are to be located in a way that anybody can have the product at reach. It is essential that all the pieces of furniture embody a common style with the overall identity and character of the shop. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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