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The newsletter / DEM

Direct emailing allows you to communicate with 450,000 registered architects and companies, promoting products, services, events, software, and books. The efficacy of this service, in terms of visibility and branding, is a certainty: Newsletter communications produce thousands of qualified leads in record timing.

The newsletter / DEM


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Incluso nella membreship

Archittetti 80%

Architects 80%

design, interior design, furnishing, decoration, equipment, lighting design, outdoor design, industrial design, tecnical design
Trade 20%

Trade 20%

dealers, reseller, agences, companies, distributors
DEM: Direct Email Marketing

Landing Page

The newsletter links to a “landing page” containing:

Contact form

Users can immediately request information, quotes, and catalogue from the company. This form is your key to getting hundreds of new qualified leads which you can reach via various marketing operations!

All your products

All products can be seen at the top of the landing page. Here, you can search through products by name or category and access each individual product sheet. A single brand directory which lets the user perform a single, more detailed information request.


This section contains detailed technical information, application methods, potential annexes in .pdf format, drawings, etc.

Landing page

Your newsletter in 3 steps


Together with your company’s marketing office, Archiproducts’ staff creates a visual layout followed by a dossier with technical details about the product or service being promoted.


The Newsletter is sent to the selected target (all subscribers or selected category only) on agreed date. The number of active users receiving the newsletter depends on the number of people subscribed to the delivery channel and therefore may vary according to the channel selected.


In real time, your company’s business office starts receiving information requests from users interested in your product or service. All user requests and data are filed and can be immediately consulted in your private area.

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